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Example: Columbus was aboard La Gallega, the largest of the three vessels. Originally named for Galicia, the town in which she was built, she was known to her sailors as "Marigalante," literally "dirty Mary." Columbus rechristened her Santa María. The others were also known by nicknames: Santa Clara, was known as Niña ("little girl") a play on the name of her owner, Juan Niño; Pinta means "painted one."
Columbus' ships the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria were originally called
Santa Clara, Pinta and Marigalante
He crossed the Atlantic in 1497 and touched on the mainland of North America - probably the Labrador coast.
He crossed atlantic ocean to a place called labrador coast.
John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy around 1450,and died in 1499. Cabot.
jhon cabot was born in 1450 and died in 1499
His name was actually Giovanni Caboto, but he would be remembered by the English translation, John
Jhon cabot was not always named jhon cabot, his real name was Giovanni cabato.
The crew and Cabot left on May 20, 1497 headed for Dursey Head, Ireland.he went home on july 20 1497.
he started his voyage on may 20,1497and he haded home on July 20 1497.
Cabot sailed out of Bristol with his ship, the Matthew, on May 2, 1497. He landed in the New World, believing that he had landed on the east coast of Asia.
his first voyage began on may 1497.he thougt he laneded on asia but he was said be in main or somewthging.
Jhon cabot was not only a explorer he was a navigator
he was also a navigator to find the new world how EPIC is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In 1496 Cabot made a voyage from Bristol with one ship, but he was forced to turn back because of a shortage of food, inclement weather, and disputes with his crew. In May 1497, however, he set sail from Bristol in the small ship Matthew, with a crew of 18 men.
on one of his voyage he had to turn back for food.
All that is known about Cabot's first voyage is contained in a letter from John Day (a Bristol merchant) to Christopher Columbus.
cabots first voyage was to give a letter to crisoper colombus.
external image Cabotmap.GIF
this is a picture of the routes jhon cabot took on hi voyages.
Cabot explored the Canadian coastline and named many of its islands and capes.
he explored the coastline of canada.
he was first European since the vikings to explore the mainland of North America and the first to search for the northwest passage.
he was the first european besides the vikings to north america.
The Italian explorer John Cabot, working for the English king, sailed along the coast of Massachusetts.
Cabot worked worked for an english,and sailed across the coast of massachusetts.
external image john-cabot.jpg
This is what jhon cabot looked like.

In 1483, Cabot moved to Bristol, England. He believed that Asia could be reached by sailing west. In 1493, when word of Columbus’ reports of his successful journey to the New World arrived, Cabot convinced King Henry VII that England did not have to sit still while the Spaniards helped themselves to the New World.
cabot moved to bristoil

Before cabot was an explorer he was a mechant in venice italy.
before he was an explorer he was a shop owner.

His Navigation tools were the magnetic compass,the log,the lead line,the quadrant or ustrolube, and dead reckoning.
what he took on his voyage were The Magnetic Compass,The Log,The Lead Line,The Ustrolube also known as The Quadrant and The Dead Reckoning

John Cabot needed food,compass,crew,they also brought fish,salted beef,biscuits and fresh water.
this is telling us what he needed to survive!

He found a tribe named the beothuks, he didn't ever interact with them so he never met them.
when he discovered the new world he found a tribe named the "beothuks" but he did not interact with the beothuks

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